Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Make -Do Spirit

I`ve read online"If life gives you scraps make quilts." That is my way of life. Making something interesting out of what I have and what comes my way. Living in Pa. really helps me to find wonderful things to create with.
A hundred or more years ago people didn`t have so much stuff as we do today ,and when something broke such as a glass oil lamp or candle stick, if possible it was creatively turned into something useful. A broken teapot handle was replaced with a metal one to continue using it.
I celebrate this Make-do spirit, imagining, creating from things we find.
It is becoming more popular for many to reuse, recycle and think where their cast offs are going. Sites like Freecycle.com are great to have in your area to get rid of things and others can use them. That way keeping our landfills from growing that much less.

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