Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Early Make-do Beaker

I was searching the internet for make-do`s and found this make do beaker on Rubylane. Here`s what the seller wrote:

I am addicted to true Make-Do items. You know the ones - items from long ago that were so important to someone that even when they were damaged, the owner cared about it enough to repair it so it still could be used. I have several different ones in my collection, but do need to cut back a bit, and am offering this unusual pharmacy beaker make-do.
This beaker is from the late 1800s, and shows it's etched measurements well. Somehow the base became damaged more than one hundred years ago, and the pharmacist or doctor decided to fix it rather than throw it away. The base was added at that time to make it useful again.

The replacement base is made of (I think) plaster of paris, formed inside a ring of steel. The beaker was then set into this solid and sturdy base. Whoever made this repair wrote into the plaster of paris base the date of '03, meaning 1903. Make-dos are very rarely dated, so this one is special.
To see this shop with this make-do, here`s the link.

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